About us


Who We Are

How it all started

A group of hemp farmers, hemp manufacturers, and hemp distributors joined together with the common goal of creating CBD products designed to make a difference for people just like you.

Whether you want to use CBD daily for overall wellness or have a specific reason for using CBD products, there's a way CBD can really benefit you.

Knowing this, we knew we had an important task ahead of us- creating world-class CBD products that help people create a life without limits. After months of hard work, we reached out goal and introduced the world to what you know today as Helping Hand CBD

Our Mission

To provide people with quality, world-class CBD products that benefit, improve, and strengthen their daily life.

Our Promise

Helping Hands CBD products will always strive to be the most quality products on the market. Our products contain exactly the amount of CBD as listed, and will always be lab tested to ensure 100% accuracy and quality.

Our Impact

With our #BOTTLEFORBOTTLE program, every online retail makes an impact.

When you buy a bottle of any of our CBD oils or lotions, we donate either CBD or money to partnered non-profit organizations who share our powerful vision and work with people who could use, but cannot afford, quality CBD products

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Note that we cannot, and will not, make any specific health claims regarding our products.

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