Five Reasons Why Terpenes Products are Essential Every CBD Store in 2020

Posted by Joshua Mynatt on 21st Jan 2020

Five Reasons Why Terpenes Products are Essential Every CBD Store in 2020

Five Reasons Why Terpene Products Are Essential For Every CBD Store In 2020.

Author Joshua Mynatt / Category: Terpenes / Published: 1-21-19

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Just like an any business, there are winning and losing product types in the Hemp and CBD industry.

Products like CBD Gummies, Topicals, and Tinctures have obviously proven to be successful in the CBD market and are staples of every CBD store. Products like $27 CBD toothpicks? Those probably don't have the same appeal.

A list of five well known compounds found in terpenes, their scents, and their benefits.

CBD owners around the country are looking for best products that can both benefit their customers while driving maximum profitability for their business.

But what is the product that's essential for every CBD store in 2020?

The answer: Terpenes

Terpenes are aromatic, volatile compounds found in plants (such as the marijuana plant. They're known for beneficial effects on the body and are now being infused in CBD oil tinctures by several CBD brands around the country.

Why does you store need terpene-infused products on the shelf? We'll be discussing 5 reasons why terpenes are an essential for every CBD business.

Reason #1: Terpenes have a unique taste and smell

Terpenes are natural, organic compounds that are responsible for the flavors and smells that we enjoy from every plant on earth- including, as you may have guessed, cannabis. What you’re sensing when you smell or taste fruits, vegetables, and flowers are terpenes.

Senses have a strong impact on consumer behavior, and the assortment of organic scents from terpene-infused products just might lead a customer to purchase on the spot. 

After all, who can't resist the scent of Mother Nature (and, our favorite, the lemony smell from Super Lemon Haze Terpenes)?

Reason #2: Terpene-infused products make consultive selling a breeze.

Consultive Sales, outlined here, is an effective way of selling CBD in-store.

When a potential customer walks into a CBD store, they will often consult with the sales associate to assist in choosing a product that best fits their needs. This type of sales approach, consultive selling, is the best way in the industry to ensure that store visitors become customers.

Since terpenes amplify the effects of CBD, it's easy to recommend a specific terpene product based on whatever ailment your customer is seeking relief from. 

Is your customer having sleep issues? Recommend products infused with Banana Kush.

Having Stress/Anxiety? Blue Dream is probably a perfect fit for their needs.

To see a great example of how to differentiate terpene products, check out this document by Terpfusion CBD.

Consultive selling wins business-- and terpenes will assist in guiding customers to their perfect product.

Reason #3: The biggest influencer on earth evangelizes Terpenes.

That's right: Kim Karashian is an avid Terpene user-- and loves to talk about it too! At their baby shower inn May 2019, Kim and Kanye West provided all of their guests with Terpene-infused products to enjoy at the event.

Karsashian, pictured here, is one of the most high-profile fans evangelists of terpenes

With 157M Instagram followers at the time of this article, Kim certainly has the ability to call worldwide attention to products that she promotes- especially with women. With Kardashian evangelizing terpenes- you can be sure that terpene-infused products will be flying off your shelves.

Click here to see a video of her CBD themed baby shower.

Reason #4: The sought-after "Entourage Effect"!

One of the hottest terms in the CBD industry is the Entourage Effect.

If you talk to someone whose done any research on CBD, this well-known sensation will surely come up in conversation

The Entourage Effect is the idea that combining different cannabis compounds (terpenes, for examples) creates a different psychological or mental impact than a single compound on its own.

The amplification of effects in terpene-infused products are primarily caused by the Entourage Effect. This amplification of certain mental or physical effects (pain management or improved focus, for example) make it easy for your team to recommend a product that best fits your customer's needs (see reason #2).

Reason #5: Differentiation of your store from local competition

With the CBD booming , one of the biggest challenges for CBD entrepreneurs is differentiating brand amongst increasing competition.

Why? Because everyone sells many of the same topicals, tinctures, and gummies.

What are some of the best ways to stand out? Branding, marketing, strategic pricing, and product differentiation.

Terpene-Infused products are unique, premium, and pretty new to the CBD market. By being one of the earliest stores to begin offering them to your customers, the terpenes help your business stand out amongst the other local CBD/wellness shops.

Bottom Line


Terpfusion CBD, whose products are pictured here, is a leading manufacturer of Terpene-Infused Tinctures

Between celebrity influence, increasing popularity, and enhanced effects- it's very apparent that 2020 will be the year of the terpenes. By offering terpene-infused products in-store, like ones offered by Terpfusion CBD, you're providing customers with scientifically advanced products that are each designed to reach a different customer based on their needs. Terpenes are all the rage, and you don't want to be caught without them!

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