Our Story




Everything we do has one person in mind-- you.

How it all started

A group of hemp farmers, hemp manufacturers, and hemp distributors wanted to join together to be sure they would be able to help to those who need the benefits of CBD.

With thousands of practical uses for CBD, we knew we had to share our premium hemp products with the world. Thus, we joined together and created what you know today as Helping Hand CBD


The mission of Helping Hand is simple:

Providing the highest quality CBD extract to those who need it the most, no matter what it takes.

Helping Hands CBD products are some of the most quality products on the market. Our products contain exactly the amount of CBD as listed, and will always be lab tested to ensure 100% accuracy and quality.

The difference is that we’re giving people the opportunity to get involved in the fruitful Hemp and CBD— simply by registering as a Helping Hand Consultant. Members enjoy great products while bringing value to the world.

Please note that we do not and can not make any health claims about our products.